The Book of Hours
The Book of Hours is a long poem, with themes relating to colour, movement, natural forces, and the measuring of time. The overall creative objective was to produce this poem in a way that respected the words on the page, and represented them as closely as possible to the way the author saw them at the time of writing.
The Book of Hours is a cross-media publication with a limited-edition hard copy for sale as an art object, and a free digital version available online.
The author wrote on a laptop in Word, using formatting to set the type as he would like to see it. While this is perfect for online viewing we wanted to emulate this experience in printed form.
By binding the pages along the top so that it opened like a calendar the physical experience of the page better matched the interactive digital version.
Client: Jackbooks.
Direction and production: Stephen Canning.
Design: Stephen Canning and Christine Hansen.