A little bit about Stephen Canning

I love ideas. I think design is more about ideas than any particular skill set.

I like listening to other people’s ideas and seeing things from another point of view. I think that by working together and looking at things from different perspectives we get to see new opportunities.

That’s why I started this little studio almost 30 years ago. DV8 Creative has been connecting with all sorts of people, providing a personal and unique design service. I bring an empathetic, end-user-focused approach along with some comprehensive knowledge and skills.

Before founding DV8 Creative, I worked as a glass artist, working with architects and tradespeople. I would use my skills – sandblasting and other surface techniques – to carve and etch the glass. And I would always bring fresh ideas to a project. Sharing ideas and collaborating with other specialists was always part of my creative process.

Nowadays my projects – usually in brand and graphic identity, print and packaging, web and digital media – follow a similar path. While I might do a lot of small projects on my own, I’m always looking for an opportunity to build a team of people who love ideas, excel in their fields, and enjoy the process.

And I’m always very keen to join a team of like-minded people on a project in order to achieve the best results.

Of course, the essential collaboration in this process is with you, the client.

By starting with a common goal, strong open communication, and focusing on the needs of your audience or customer, we can work together to successfully bring your ideas and products to the world.


    100 Moa Rd, Pt Chevalier
    Auckland 1022

    +64 9 845 3225
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