NZ Greens – Local Government Elections
In 2019, for the first time, the New Zealand Green Party put forward candidates for Local Government elections.
It was great to have the opportunity to develop a sub-brand, evolving the existing NZ Greens brand material from the 2017 General Election. I enjoyed the opportunity to work with "Funmark" – the party funding, marketing and communications committee. In fact, a very enjoyable experience all round.

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The project also involved some separate work outside the party for “Small G” candidates – independent candidates offering policies aligned with the Greens:
Clients: NZ Greens, plus independent local government candidates
Direction: Funmark and Greens branch offices. Approvals by Gwen Shaw, General Secretary
NZ Greens Local Government 2019 Sub-brand Design: Stephen Canning
Print and Billboard Design: Stephen Canning, plus individual candidate's designers around NZ
Photography: Candidate's own photography, some retouching by Stephen Canning
Printing: Various, including Soar Print for compostible "Beaverboard" billboard substrate
Aaron Hawkins photo from Wikipedia / Kimberley Collins

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