Expect the unexpected*

When you’re the type of person who sees things a bit differently you become aware of design opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed. When it comes to your brand, product or service, these insights will help set it apart from the rest…

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For over 25 years DV8 Creative has been seeing things a bit differently. Working with like-minded people, creative in their own fields, we provide a personal and unique design service. Designer Stephen Canning approaches graphic design, branding, web and digital projects with a unique, highly collaborative, customer-focused approach.

Collaboration produces the best quality work – working with people who excel in their fields and work on equal terms, who seek to challenge and be challenged.

The primary collaboration is of course with the client, and by starting with the common goal of strong open communication in this relationship we achieve a high degree of success in bringing their ideas and products to the world.

Design Thinking is a proven toolset to help drive design teams toward decisions based on the experience of the customer. It focuses on their needs and objectives. Working in this process brings fresh insights, often challenging original expectations. So you can expect the unexpected.

Graphic Identity
I have had the privilege of collaborating with many firms, small and medium, from New Zealand and overseas, in their process of branding or rebranding. An integral part of the process of creating a unique and memorable graphic identity is of course the logo. These are just a small sample of marks produced over the last two decades.
Some Auckland Cafés in the 1990s:
New York
John Marshall Media is a New York based sound recording facility, specializing in voice recording and voice talent. The assignment covered branding and web development, and all work was done from New Zealand.
K8e published educational e-books for children from Kindergarten to Grade 8
New Zealand small business and enterprise
Staxs was a New Zealand-owned fashion label started in the early 1990s, with a chain of over 20 stores
Collaborate was a highly customisable data platform for teams, integrating CRM with virtually any other type of enterprise data
Leigh Jackson is an established NZ curtain manufacturing firm with a history going back to mid 20th century
Workbase was a NZ-based language, literacy and numeracy service provider, providing educational services to organisations and individuals, backed up by comprehensive online and physical resources.

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